Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making The Most Of Your SEO Efforts

As a professional, you spend a lot of time working. You personally attend to your clients, you acquire information on this and that pertinent issue, and you probably even take work home with you. That's why it is a no-brainer to make the most out of the results of all that hard work. Given the option of a job you can accomplish in 20 hours and another that can be finished in 40 years, subject to the same rate of pay, you'd choose the one with the shorter period.
Search engines have proven to be quite a goldmine of new clients for law firms in recent years, making law firm SEO a top favorite marketing strategy among legal practitioners. In the use of law firm SEO as a marketing strategy, the key is to derive as much benefit as you can from as little amount of money and time you can afford to dispense. Here are some tips to help accomplish that:
Work closely with your SEO Consultant. If you hired a third party to do the SEO marketing on your behalf, close coordination is necessary. The knowledge that you are a hands-on client who want to be apprised every step of the way will push them to do their best work. This close involvement would also enable you to spot irregularities or weaknesses that need to be addressed straight away. They might be getting you a lot of traffic and even calls, but perhaps these turn out to be the wrong kind of potential clients (either you don't want to take them on or they end up not being interested).
Your primary interests should be the focus of your blog. If your SEO marketing includes the setup of a blog, then the articles or the posts made on the blog should be current and related to your legal practice. If you do that, potential clients will see how updated you are regarding the legal practice; it is also a way for you to learn and keep yourself updated on the recent developments affecting the industry. You will be risking putting your potential clients in a state of confusion regarding your practice and your expertise if you only concentrate on posting mildly interesting material which, unfortunately, is what you'd end up with if you concentrate on the keywords instead of the subjects.
Single out your law firm SEO. Seo consultants and writers give this tip quite often, and for good reason. Being specific is great advice in any form of marketing, since it's better to intensely appeal to 100 people than it is to mildly appeal to 100,000. Searches made on search engines have this same trait of being specific, which is why the same principle applies to SEO. It's much better to appeal to people searching for a child custody lawyer than it is to rank highly for family lawyer, since anyone with a child custody issue really wants to know that you're going to be able to solve that specific problem.
The best advice a lawyer could ever get regarding the use of SEO is to treat it like any other marketing tool. Treat it as something that will make you more visible to the kind of potential clients that you're looking to attract and will give you the opportunity to present them with some sort of relevant sales pitch. Use the search engines properly and productively and post worthwhile and useful content. It will always come back to bite you.
Marketing is a game and task that many lawyers and law firms view as a necessary evil, but SEO can make it both easier and somewhat more interesting if you follow the above tips and find ways to integrate your interests and experiences with everything that you publish and post online. Be wise and use your resources well; if you do, you can simply watch your business - and your profits - rise.

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